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I am Rodolfo Amado B. del Rosario, my nickname is “Dodit,” welcome to my Word press site. I have muscular dystrophy; it is defined as a group of inherited disorders in which strength and muscle bulk gradually decline. Thereby confining me in a wheelchair.

However, I got this disability since I was three years old. I have learned to outgrow and outlived this disability as part of my life. I don’t know if my photos and the video I uploaded in youtube are clear it’s in my Products & Services page if you can see my fingers are crooked.

In spite of my disability, I try my best to become productive. As of now, I am freelance DJ, I DJ for events and any occasions. That is why I have my Products & Services page. In case you know any event, we can make a deal, you can hire me as a DJ for your events. Anyway, if I don’t have any events, I sell music through my Facebook page located in the widget area. Prices of my music files can be found in my Music files for sale page. Perhaps you can Contact Me.

By the way, because of my disability, my speech is affected. I have difficulty in speaking, Consequently, I transact business through chat. I communicate through writing. I have been writing during my college days, I was an activist. I have been a contributor in our school organ. Then around, mid 1990’s I wrote for a blog site. Unfortunately, the blog site had closed. Sometime in 2000, my elementary classmate offered me projects as a ghost writer, for reasons I don’t know the projects stopped. But life for me did not end there, I continued to seek greener pasteur, I became a freelance DJ. I really think I am called to become a DJ, As an events DJ, I do not need to talk, I let my music do the talking for me, most of all, I do not need to move around, once my equipment has been setup, it is now my responsibility to make the crowd groove and move.

After hibernating from the writing environment, I’m planning to go back into writing. Combining writing and DJing; let’s see what will happen next?

My WordPress site will not only focus on the DJ industry. Primarily, however, this site will be geared towards DJ needs, such as, new music releases, music and product reviews, schedule of my events. I am planning to merge my WordPress site with my Facebook page. Moreover, the reviews I will be doing are based on my experience and preference. No one is paying me to do these reviews. That is why, I am not held liable for my opinions.

One more reason why I created my WordPress site, it is because, having a website nowadays signifies the legitimacy of one’s business. Meaning to say, the DJ services I have and the online music store I am managing is not a “fly by night” business.

The second purpose of my WordPress site is to share in the upliftment of the social conditions of PWD (Persons With Disability). Currently, I had undergone intensive training with http://virtualahan.com/ an online school for mostly PWD. Out of the training I undertook, I am now applying the teachings I learned; by building my own WordPress site.

Furthermore, I should say, I am not a guru in the things I do. I consider myself as a “gakusei,” one who yearns for more and one who does not limit one’s outlook in one’s disability. Instead one should overlook at one’s disability as an ability to overcome one’s disability.

Similar with DJing a DJ should not limit oneself to one genre of music. As DJ one should be reminded it is the DJ’s role to entertain and educate the crowd with good music. A DJ’s music library should be wide and vast. It should not be confined with current top 40 hits or modern day dance music.

What if somebody is requesting a 70’s or 80’s track? That guy is waving a huge amount of tip. What if the DJ doesn’t have the track? It would be frustrating on both ends.

My advice to aspiring DJs, or even not to DJs. I would like to broaden the scope. Love the things you’re doing. Love and cherish the things you have. Who knows the things you’re doing? Once you sprinkle it with love and care. It might blossom into something you’re not expecting. Second, cherish the things you have. Do what you think that is beneficial to all. You might be surprise an outpour of benefit would come your way.

To end my first post I would like to share a vibrant 70’s track. Since I love music…any kind of music, I would like to share an O’Jays track entitled “I love music.”