Music files for sale

Music files with USB and LBC delivery
16 gig usb with music with delivery 1500pesos
32 gig usb with music with delivery 2000pesos
64 gig usb with music with delivery 2500pesos

brand new sandisk usb
all files guaranteed 320kbps bitrate
[price may change depending on the availability of usb]
if the order will be taken at our place, 200 PHP will be deducted



If the client has their own storage device or wants to download the files. The files can be downloaded through google drive. Or the client can send their storage devices to us. We’ll load the files right away. Delivery date will depend on the amount of files being ordered.




An additonal amount charge of 200 pesos will be required for the delivery of the storage device going back to the client.



Just showing the full trust our clients are giving us. We have clients around the world. From north to south of the Philippines.



Here’s some of the external hard drive we sold loaded with music.