Disability is not inability


Being disabled doesn’t mean I have to be spoon fed. Although I must admit there are things I cannot do on my own. I think all of us have our disabilities and limitations. I may not speak or talk properly, because of my disability. But I am good in writing. I express my thoughts through writing.

I think the best medicine to cure one’s disability is to accept one’s disability. Indeed reality is a bitter pill to be taken. However, we need to take the bitter pill, if we want to recover from our sickness. Obviously, when we are sick, we cannot move, we just want to lie in bed. Assuming we lie in bed and sleep all day. Do we think graces and blessings from above will fall down? Another question I have, if we keep looking at the problem, not looking at solutions to the problem? The problem will remain as a problem.

Being disabled doesn’t mean I have to be surrounded with “special treatment.” For me, this is a misconception, like in hiring disabled people for work. We have to face reality. Not all disabled people are qualified or will be qualified for work. BUT…I would like to give strong emphasis here…BUT DISABLED PEOPLE CAN FIND OTHER WAYS IN FINDING WORK. Again here’s where spoon feeding and special treatment comes in. For instance, a disabled person applies for a job. Naturally, the employer would interview the disabled person. The employer would ask the applicant who is a disabled: “do you have any skills?” Let’s say the disabled applicant doesn’t have any skill or let’s say the disabled applicant has a skill but the skill is not fitted for the job.

I don’t see discrimination here.

I think disabled people should not be sensitive, in this case. I think disabled people should be more aggressive in finding a job. Not sulking at a corner and weeping. As an old proverb would state, “when a door closes, a window opens.” In this day and age of Internet, it is safe to say nothing is impossible, with Google around, we can find almost everything and anything under the sun. Without leaving the comfort of our home. Everything now is within our reach. It is all up to people with disability how they would maximize their potential in attaining their goals.

All we have to do is keep on looking, searching and finding the right job for us (especially for disabled people). Like in my case, as a freelance DJ, if I don’t have events, I sell DJ music to fellow DJs. I don’t look at the zero figures, I always look at the 9th figure. What comes after nine? It’s the 10th. What comes after 19? It’s 20. What comes after 29? It’s 30 and so on and so forth. The principle is quite basic and elementary to understand, do not look at things how things ended. Instead look at things how they started. Because things that ended will never come back and will never be improved. Instead, look at things how they started. These things are existing and can be improved. If I don’t have an event, it means I don’t have a job. As a consequence, I don’t have income, I have zero figures, therefore, and I have to look at the 9th figure so that I can have the 10th figure. If I limit myself with the zero figure. Then I will have and I will be stuck in the zero figures. Perhaps, if I will look beyond the sadness, I will see happiness. That is why I create a job for myself. I create income for myself. I find ways and means for me to survive. I bring the livelihood to me. If I can’t go to my workplace or the workplace doesn’t have space for me. I bring the workplace and livelihood to me. I don’t want to be spoon fed or to be dependent on the help of others. If I can go to my event on my own. I would do so. If I have to find clients on my own. I would do so. If I have to set up my equipment on my own. I would do so. If I can’t find work, I will find work on my own. If I don’t have income, I will generate income. If I cannot go to my office, because of my disability, I will bring my office to me. Apparently, there are lots of possible answers to one question. It all depends on one’s outlook how one would solve the problem. Creating barricades of reason will not solve the problem. If there would be hindrances, along the way, I will pass by the side streets to reach my destination. Sometimes I find it silly and ironic how big and healthy non-disabled people would pretend to be disabled, by simply begging. I see healthy and non-disabled people begging in the streets. These people have complete arms and limbs, have good eye sight (if these people have poor eye sight, then vehicles might ran over them), they have good hearing (because how can they hear vehicles are approaching them), they can talk properly (how can they say, please help me I’m disabled). Luckily, I was not brought up TO BEG or ask for alms or for charity; or use my disability for profit. I was raised to compete and not to weep. If I need something, I should work my way to buy the things I need, more so, what if there will be no one to give me alms. I don’t want to be staring at a blank wall, doing nothing. If I can do or contribute something, I would do or contribute something. I don’t want to be sitting or lying around doing nothing. Consequently, what if the time comes, I have to live on my own, when no one would help me. For me, I don’t focus on the things which are void. Instead, I concentrate on filling on the gap of things. If we (disabled people) get rejected, let us not dwell on the rejection too much, if we dwell on rejection long, nothing will happen in our life. If we continue to swim in the ocean of negative spirit. We might end up drowning in the depths of the underworld. On the contrary, if we get wounded, we should rise up, learn from the pain we experience, from there we could advance and march forward to achieve success in life.

For me, I think disabled people should not be treated like kings and queens. Instead, disabled people should be treated like ordinary people; their disability should not be used as an “excuse;” to overtake someone who’s ahead of the disabled person. It is sufficient to say, if disabled people wants to climb the corporate ladder, disabled people should follow the normal procedure; like non-disabled people would do. Nothing in this world is made instantly or easily. Or in simpler terms, there is no overnight success; you slept last night when you woke up you’re a millionaire, the next day. Not unless you played lotto. Not even cooking instant noodles is made instantly. Basically, how can you cook instant noodles, when you don’t have instant noodles to cook? Now, how can you have instant noodles, when you don’t have money to buy instant noodles? How can you have money, if you don’t work? How can you find work, if you don’t find work? Finding work is not magic. Wherein you would ask a genie to give you work…PRESTO! You have work. That is not how it is! Especially in my case, I am in a wheelchair, I have muscular dystrophy, my mobility and speaking ability is severely affected, I have crooked fingers, scoliosis, my oral communication is difficult to be understood. But then I don’t want my disability to be the center of attraction. What I want to be highlighted are my skills, talents and abilities I have. Accepting reality, rejection and frustration are really difficult. However, if we don’t learn to accept things as they are, things will be heavy. Like for instance, when I get invited as a guest DJ and there are DJs ahead of me. I don’t push or insist myself to get prioritized. I follow and observe rules and protocols of the event. There is no better experience than to experience falling in line and mingling with other non-disabled people. Sweating yourself out joining non-disabled people in their exodus. I want to be treated like a normal human being. I don’t want to be hired for a job, because of my disability. Hire me because I have the ability. Whereas if disabled people would just be given work per se, because they are disabled or out of pity, regardless of the qualification. I think that’s laughable and wrong. Obviously, I don’t want to break rules just because of my disability. I don’t want my employer to suffer by hiring me just because I am disabled. If I need to fall in line I would do so. I prefer squeezing myself in a crowd. Rather than depicting myself as somebody, wherein, I am just a simple nobody. It is by being nothing one absorbs lots of things. You cannot pour water into a glass filled with water. If the glass is filled with water. Nevertheless, if the glass is empty, water can be poured in. Like a sponge that absorbs soap and water. Once squeezed out juices and pulp bits of water and soap will come flowing, running and removing dirt and stains. Instead of covering oneself with useless and senseless thoughts, people with disability should expose their usefulness and sensibility.

What I’m trying to point out is that persons with disability should not “ABUSE” their disability for their disadvantage; by resorting to self-pity and barbaric reasoning. The more this person with disability sinks oneself to apathy and agony, the more this person will not attract productivity. Essentially, how can a person be productive, if the person has a clenched fist? Furthermore, how can people receive blessings, if the person has closed doors. Another thing, how can a person see the beauty in things, if the person keeps looking on things that are not beautiful. A productive person is one whose hands are open. Certainly, how can a person work, with a closed fist? A person who receives blessings and graces is someone who learns and appreciates correction, it is in correction a person grows and blooms into something wonderful. A disability of a person should not be seen as an inability. Instead disability should be used to overcome disability.

Living with disability is a given fact or reality. So what do we do about it? Rant, complain, all of my life. What benefit it would do? I did not find a job, because of my disability. I don’t think so. What do I do? Blame and curse others. Blaming and cursing others is not helpful. This condition will only aggravate things. It might cause walls to exist. Thereby if I need help no one would help me because I blamed and cursed others. Of course, it was my decision to find a job, if I was not accepted, life must go on. What If I was hired? Indeed, no one of us can predict the future, but we can shape and make the future beautiful. Having disability should be looked as a rainbow. The rainbow has different colors. The same thing with being disabled, it is the difference that makes people different and unique. It is in our difference, we see limitation in each other. Within our limitation, there would be gaps and holes. It all depends on us how far can we outstretch our arms to fill out those gaps and holes.

Each one of us are born with limitation, whether disabled or not. No one, or nobody, is born complete or perfect. I may not talk properly. But I am good in writing. Yes! You might talk properly. But are you good in writing? Yes! You might talk properly and you’re good in writing. But can you make a crowd dance? Each one of us has our own traits. We cannot compare the letter A to letter B. Each letter of the alphabet has its own purpose. Each letter supplements each other. Most of all, we cannot expect the letter H to become the letter Y or W. In the same way, each person supplements or helps each other. In the same manner, I cannot expect you to become me, likewise, me to become you. Having disability is not an awful situation; this circumstance should not lead us to live a miserable life. Living with disability should not be perceive as an uphill. All of us, disabled and non-disabled people should learn how to overpower their weakness.

I may not or cannot push my wheelchair, for a long distance, without an assistant. As a result, I need someone to help me push my wheelchair. Evidently, I need to pay somebody who attends to my needs, that somebody has their own personal needs, it’s two way traffic, I need that somebody, likewise that somebody needs me. After all, nothing in this world is free, everything has an equivalent amount that is the reason why I’m striving hard. I want to help myself. It is by helping oneself, one can help others.

I work because I want to live a comfortable life.

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I am Rodolfo Amado B. del Rosario, my nickname is “Dodit,” welcome to my Word press site. I have muscular dystrophy; it is defined as a group of inherited disorders in which strength and muscle bulk gradually decline. Thereby confining me in a wheelchair.

However, I got this disability since I was three years old. I have learned to outgrow and outlived this disability as part of my life. I don’t know if my photos and the video I uploaded in youtube are clear it’s in my Products & Services page if you can see my fingers are crooked.

In spite of my disability, I try my best to become productive. As of now, I am freelance DJ, I DJ for events and any occasions. That is why I have my Products & Services page. In case you know any event, we can make a deal, you can hire me as a DJ for your events. Anyway, if I don’t have any events, I sell music through my Facebook page located in the widget area. Prices of my music files can be found in my Music files for sale page. Perhaps you can Contact Me.

By the way, because of my disability, my speech is affected. I have difficulty in speaking, Consequently, I transact business through chat. I communicate through writing. I have been writing during my college days, I was an activist. I have been a contributor in our school organ. Then around, mid 1990’s I wrote for a blog site. Unfortunately, the blog site had closed. Sometime in 2000, my elementary classmate offered me projects as a ghost writer, for reasons I don’t know the projects stopped. But life for me did not end there, I continued to seek greener pasteur, I became a freelance DJ. I really think I am called to become a DJ, As an events DJ, I do not need to talk, I let my music do the talking for me, most of all, I do not need to move around, once my equipment has been setup, it is now my responsibility to make the crowd groove and move.

After hibernating from the writing environment, I’m planning to go back into writing. Combining writing and DJing; let’s see what will happen next?

My WordPress site will not only focus on the DJ industry. Primarily, however, this site will be geared towards DJ needs, such as, new music releases, music and product reviews, schedule of my events. I am planning to merge my WordPress site with my Facebook page. Moreover, the reviews I will be doing are based on my experience and preference. No one is paying me to do these reviews. That is why, I am not held liable for my opinions.

One more reason why I created my WordPress site, it is because, having a website nowadays signifies the legitimacy of one’s business. Meaning to say, the DJ services I have and the online music store I am managing is not a “fly by night” business.

The second purpose of my WordPress site is to share in the upliftment of the social conditions of PWD (Persons With Disability). Currently, I had undergone intensive training with an online school for mostly PWD. Out of the training I undertook, I am now applying the teachings I learned; by building my own WordPress site.

Furthermore, I should say, I am not a guru in the things I do. I consider myself as a “gakusei,” one who yearns for more and one who does not limit one’s outlook in one’s disability. Instead one should overlook at one’s disability as an ability to overcome one’s disability.

Similar with DJing a DJ should not limit oneself to one genre of music. As DJ one should be reminded it is the DJ’s role to entertain and educate the crowd with good music. A DJ’s music library should be wide and vast. It should not be confined with current top 40 hits or modern day dance music.

What if somebody is requesting a 70’s or 80’s track? That guy is waving a huge amount of tip. What if the DJ doesn’t have the track? It would be frustrating on both ends.

My advice to aspiring DJs, or even not to DJs. I would like to broaden the scope. Love the things you’re doing. Love and cherish the things you have. Who knows the things you’re doing? Once you sprinkle it with love and care. It might blossom into something you’re not expecting. Second, cherish the things you have. Do what you think that is beneficial to all. You might be surprise an outpour of benefit would come your way.

To end my first post I would like to share a vibrant 70’s track. Since I love music…any kind of music, I would like to share an O’Jays track entitled “I love music.”